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Biswas heard him shouting to the neighbours,“Raghu’s son has drowned my calf in the pond. A nice calf. My first calf. My only calf Quickly a chattering crowd gathered. Many of them had been to the pond that afternoon; quitea number had seen a calf wandering about, and one or two had even seen a boy. “Nonsense!” Raghu said. ( ralph lauren pas cher homme )( polo lacoste homme )
“You are a pack of liars. The boy doesn’t go near water.” He pausedand added, “The pundit especially forbade him to go near water in its natural form.” Lakhan the carter said, “But this is a fine man. He doesn’t seem to care whether his son isdrowned or not.” “How do you know what he thinks?” Bipti said. ( polo lacoste femme ) “Leave him, leave him,” Raghu said, in an injured, forgiving tone. “Mohun is my son. And ifI don’t care whether he is drowned or not, that is my business.” “What about my calf?” Dhari said. “I don’t care about your calf. Pratap ! Prasad! Dehuti! Have you seen your brother?” “No, father. ( polo lacoste )
” “No, father.” “No, father.” “I will go and dive for him,” Lakhan said. “You are very anxious to show off,” Raghu said. “Oh!” Bipti cried. “Stop this bickeringickering and let us go to look for the boy. ( polo lacoste pas pcer ) ” “Mohun is my son,” Raghu said. “And if anybody is going to dive for him, it will be me. AndI pray to God, Dhari, that when I get to the bottom of that pond I find your wretched calf.” “Witnesses!” Dhari said. “You are all my witnesses. Those words will have to be repeated incourt.


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